Blog + Free Wallpapers: My Thoughts on Staying Motivated


This week went by extremely fast and although I am only a junior I'm pretty sure I have senioritis, this means Spring Break is over and my motivation to work on school stuff seems to get lower every day. But I am reminded today that our lack of motivation doesn't really give us a right to act upon those feelings at all. I feel best when I am productive, when I complete something I feel energized because I no longer have to think about it. 

Even when we go through seasons when we lack motivation and we slow down on competing to do our best, God still has a plan & purpose for us every day. We've all heard those words a billion times but they hold so much truth and weight and that doesn't change based on our feelings. I think its crazy how many times I forget about this: There's still things to be done for God no matter what season we're going through. 

Our faith would weaken so much if we only served God when we felt like it, in the same way, we would be failing our classes if we only studied when we felt like it. We are all called to strengthen ourselves by challenging ourselves, by pushing through these seasons where we don't really see the finish line. If we're not constantly growing, then what are we doing? Staying motivated is changing the way you look and think about things...

  • Do ALL things with joy, people are going to think you're annoying - but it's seriously the best way to live, & its also the way God called us to live. 
  • Surround yourself with positive people and refuse to listen to negativity.
  • Take yourself out of situations where it's so easy to be lazy and slack off, stop doing homework on your bed.
  • Remove food from your diet that you know is only making you more tired and more tempted to take a nap. (fried food, sugar, etc.)
  • Write out a To Do List each morning for what you want to realistically accomplish that day, even if it's just one or 2 things, like taking a walk or reading/writing for 30 minutes. If you're not a To Do List person, take some time in the morning to mentally plan out what you want your day to look like. 
  • Pray for motivation, for strength, and for the opportunities that require you to be motivated. 

These free iPhone & Desktop wallpapers are inspired by my parents who used to always sing this song in which the lyrics hold so much more meaning to me now, then they did when I was little. The only part of the song I remember is this "There's many things about tomorrow that I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand." Walk with God every single day, He wants to do something in your life.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share these, enjoy!

xo, Victoria Bilsborough

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*Click Image to take you to a new tab where you can save image to your computer