Why I’m Not Sharing As Many Free Wallpapers Anymore

Hi! Happy March! So first thing, here’s a couple free downloads to freshen up your phone this Spring!

I’ve been creating these wallpapers for years and have been so blessed to see them go around the world (literally.) Through these designs I’ve been featured on Brit + Co, Delight & Be, Jordan Dooley, & dozens of cute blogs through Pinterest. One of my wallpapers even got re-pinned 50k times!

There’s been so many amazing features, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed providing these designs to girls from all over. It’s been such a great blessing to me! Through sharing free art however, I’ve also had many downsides to providing free stuff. I’ve had my wallpapers posted hundreds of times with absolutely no credit to me, I’ve had my name erased and replaced with other artists names, and I’ve even had my wallpapers turned into phone cases and sold on Amazon & Etsy (with my signature erased.) The internet is a crazy & scary place & there are tons of pros and cons. I love sharing but I’m excited to step forward knowing I’m going to be a little more picky with the free work I share. As an illustrator & designer, I love taking the time to create free resources. But I’ve seen this art being taken for granted over the years, and I’ve seen it bring so much joy to others.

Over 50% of my website traffic comes from Pinterest (because of the wallpapers) which has been so cool to see grow to almost 1M engaged users every month. I take my designs and art seriously and I want the people who are visiting my site to see that I’m in this for the long haul :)

Thank you to all those who have saved a wallpaper over the years, I’ll still be sharing some - check out my Instagram Stories for even more freebies! I’m extremely excited to share that you can support my art and still receive some of my - download some of my favourites by clicking the button below. Every download helps me create more art & resources in the future. I’m excited for where God is taking my art, and I hope you can follow along for the ride!

xo, Victoria Bilsborough

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