Inspiration & Consistency | Free Wallpapers Inspired by NYFW


I have been working on a lot of fun projects lately and realized I haven't created new wallpapers in forever! I'm excited to share a little bit about the next step for my work & my website, so keep reading if you're interested! Sometimes during seasons of craziness or "busy-ness" we forget that consistency isn't mundane or boring but it's what grows us in so many ways. My wallpaper designs are something I created in my dorm room and never put much thought into them. After I saw the response on Pinterest and from so many friends & family members, I became really passionate and loved seeing so many girls having them on their phone. As other projects come along and we dive head first into bigger seasons of life it's easy to forget what got us to those opportunities in the first place.

I am a firm believer that God is always moving in our lives whether we realize it or not. There is not a season where He is distant, where He is "hands-off," or where He says "you can take it from here." I know that this creative well that I thrive off of is sure to run dry when I neglect to reflect on my creator. I need God for healing, joy, faith, and strength just as I need God for creativity, inspiration, and a fresh perspective when I feel stuck. I know that when I hate my work, when I'm pleased with my work, or when I don't even know what to create - He is with me. And more than that, He is growing me. How amazing is it that we serve a God who is faithful even though we are extremely inconsistent? 

So I've been praying and asking God to use me to encourage people, and to show more love. And like many messages I've heard the answer was right in front of me. Use what you already have. So I realized that although this website was created to my online art portfolio, I have a feeling there might be more to it. So I am determined to make my posts show a little more of my heart, my process, and my inspiration - and I hope they can encourage someone along the way. I believe if you're confident that God is doing a work in your life - it's worth sharing about. 

My goal here is to connect my illustrations, wallpaper designs, whatever.. to what I am currently inspired by! So if you scroll down I have 3 free wallpapers you can hold + save on your phone.

free wallpapers

Since I was little I have been obsessed with fashion sketches and loved watching designers layout their idea for an outfit on paper. I love seeing photos from New York Fashion Week every year because even though there is some crazy ideas I also find it super inspiring how trends work. I used to fill up sketchbooks with drawings like the ones you see below and decided to go back to it and create some feminine, simple, wallpapers for you.

Enjoy, share, and thank you for reading!

xo, Victoria