I'm so excited to announce my latest collaboration with a ministry that is so close to my heart. The Penny Story is a simple yet impactful ministry started by my friend Kendall Altmyer thats ultimate goal is to end human trafficking. For years, this cause has been such a burden on my heart but also makes me feel so small. Anyone who knows anything about this epidemic has asked themselves "What can I do about this?"

Coming from a girl who is a deep feeler, I often hear or read stories of those rescued from human trafficking and find myself crying - yes, it's absolutely horrifying. There is no easy way around explaining this but there is something powerful that we can do. The penny bracelet is a simple reminder of the things that are tossed, trampled, forgotten, and not valuable. In this heartbreaking case - those things represent human lives. The biggest wake up call of all is that it's not only in foreign countries, it's not only in movies, it's happening in our own cities. 

I have been so inspired watching where Kendall has taken this ministry over the past few years and I knew I wanted to be a part of helping spread awareness. "She Is Worth The Fight" is a phrase for every girl to remember and wear on their heart. You are loved, you are remembered, you are blessed even when your situations are awful. There is too much to do for the kingdom to be blinded by our own misfortunes and mistakes. You can do something. Spread awareness, learn more about the cause and purchase a penny bracelet at this link. This ministry partners with the A21 Campaign which you can read more about by clicking the link. 

Whether you are knowledgable about modern day slavery or not - save this wallpaper to your phone and pray for the cause every time you look at it. Every time someone asks you what it means - use it as an opportunity to talk about this amazing ministry. Ok, that's all!

Thank you for listening. xo, Victoria. 

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