I'm Victoria and I'm so happy to be sharing some of my life & design work with you here.

September Phone Wallpapers

Hi Everyone!

Even though I am three weeks into my senior year of college, September is when I really start to get into the routine of how my semester will play out. This month always seems to bring new beginnings and busy schedules, but whenever you are starting new things it requires a ton of discipline and patience. It's amazing to see the things I have been praying for come into fruition when I begin to put action into my faith and begin working harder for the things I want.

I'm excited for this month, for the beginning of this school year and my goal to be open to wherever God would like to direct me. I get to paint and draw and learn about graphic design in my classes and I consider that the greatest blessing, it almost seems unfair to enjoy school work so much but I know it's just a process of learning new things. 

Below I've created some FREE iPhone wallpapers that you can add to your phone by opening up this website on your phone and holding down and saving on the wallpaper you want. You can download them all and change them up throughout the month. I hope you enjoy these I would love to hear your feedback, see posts you make about them, or see them on Pinterest! Share this with any of your friends you think might enjoy these!

If you want to learn more about how to create your own calligraphy by using your favourite black pen then you can click here to view that blog post. Also check out some phone cases I designed here! 

Thank you guys for reading! I hope you have a great September.

xo, Victoria

October + Fall Wallpapers

Illustrated Recipe: Summer Detox Water

Illustrated Recipe: Summer Detox Water