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Latest Work: Designing Invitations

Latest Work: Designing Invitations


Here is one of my recent designs I did for my 'future-sister-in-law' & my brothers upcoming wedding. I thought I would share the spring inspiration that went into this illustrated, and hand-written design. 

Although I love every aspect of design & art, I really enjoy opportunities I get to work on wedding stationery. Probably because you're allowed to design in the most feminine way possible without having to worry if you're attracting a male audience. If you are extremely girly, like me, then you'll understand. 

One of the most important aspects of graphic design, in my opinion, is consistency. Creativity is crucial, but consistency; (especially if you are doing multiple designs) allows the viewers to see the look & feel you had in mind behind the computer. It's always a fun process designing invitations because it creates the entire first impression of how an event will be. Cute invitations = cute event. Profound, I know. 

If you look at the colour swatches above you can see that I went with pastel shades with warmer tones, this is because the event is a Bridal Brunch that is in the noon time, in the spring season. If you are a designer, or if you're planning an event or party - the colours you choose play a huge part.


  • To illustrate the flower pattern on the invite, I began sketching it with pencil in my sketchbook, once I was happy with the drawing I went over it in ink.
  • From here, I scanned the graphic and brought it into Adobe Illustrator, to make some edits.
  • I did all the painting and colour swatches on Photoshop, and used a Wacom Tablet to hand-write Bridal Brunch.

If you are interested in graphic design, but you are just getting started, try practicing by making invitations. When I first began designing I did this a lot, you can use photos of couples you know (try Facebook, it's full of engagement photos) and just practice formatting the text, and laying out the photos to create a look & feel for the event of your choosing. It's fun and no one ever has to see them. Side Note: If there is a lot of text, I recommend formatting using Adobe InDesign. 

Looking forward to sharing more design work soon! If you are interested, these invitations, which are completely customizable for any event, are available for purchase on my Etsy Shop ---> click here to see

Have a great day!
xo, Victoria Bilsborough

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