My Favourite Art Supplies

I recently had the amazing opportunity of shooting some visual content for my website with the lovely Rachel Burkhart. It was such a fun experience and it allows me to show you some of the different materials I use in my paintings. See below for a list of supplies I use and links to purchase. Can't wait to see what you create!

Monday Inspiration | Free Wallpaper

I have been so inspired by the story of Hannah's faith in 1 Samuel lately. It's one of those stories I've read over and over but it didn't really hit me until recently. Hannah had such a sincere faith and depth of love to be a nurturer and a mother - and with Mother's Day yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about her story. I came across this blog talking about the different attributes we can learn from Hannah in the bible [read it here.] I love any chance I get to learn a timeless trait from a woman in the Bible so I chose this verse, and paired it together with some of my illustrations to create these. I hope these wallpapers encourage you today and encourage you to read the whole story of Hannah's life. Open this link up on your phone and hold + save.

Latest Work | Watercolour on Canvas

Hello! So I recently discovered watercolour canvas, and while I'm still getting used to painting on it - it's been so much fun learning and trying new materials. Above is one of my latest pieces on an 18 x 30" canvas using watercolour paint and a size 12 round brush. I will be sharing more materials and techniques I like very soon! Check out my last post for 4 free phone wallpaper downloads that I designed! 

Spring Wallpapers | Mixed Media - Free!

Whenever I feel like I am not inspired AT ALL or everything I am creating is awful, I pray for creativity and inspiration and then I try using materials I don't normally use. My favourite tools to create are my iPad Pro + Apple Pen with the app ProCreate, my favourite watercolour paints, or doodling with Micron pens. However, when these materials aren't working for me or I feel like I am not creating something I am proud of, I go through my art supplies and try something new.