Cake Painting | Sweet Flours Collaboration

I recently had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with @sweet.flours by mixing my love for painting and her love for baking! Lauren Santiago reached out to me about a month ago to see if I would be interested in having one of my scanned paintings printed onto one of her amazing cakes - and of course I said yes! I love any chance I get to work with other creative people, learn from their craft, and creating together. I am so impressed and amazed by Lauren's cake and dessert designs - check out her Instagram or website here.

Inspiration & Consistency | Free Wallpapers Inspired by NYFW

I have been working on a lot of fun projects lately and realized I haven't created new wallpapers in forever! I'm excited to share a little bit about the next step for my work & my website, so keep reading if you're interested! Sometimes during seasons of craziness or "busy-ness" we forget that consistency isn't mundane or boring but it's what grows us in so many ways.

My Favourite Art Supplies

I recently had the amazing opportunity of shooting some visual content for my website with the lovely Rachel Burkhart. It was such a fun experience and it allows me to show you some of the different materials I use in my paintings. See below for a list of supplies I use and links to purchase. Can't wait to see what you create!

Monday Inspiration | Free Wallpaper

I have been so inspired by the story of Hannah's faith in 1 Samuel lately. It's one of those stories I've read over and over but it didn't really hit me until recently. Hannah had such a sincere faith and depth of love to be a nurturer and a mother - and with Mother's Day yesterday I couldn't stop thinking about her story. I came across this blog talking about the different attributes we can learn from Hannah in the bible [read it here.] I love any chance I get to learn a timeless trait from a woman in the Bible so I chose this verse, and paired it together with some of my illustrations to create these. I hope these wallpapers encourage you today and encourage you to read the whole story of Hannah's life. Open this link up on your phone and hold + save.